Automatic gear selection coming to Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

The Tesla Model 3 Y Tesla Model Y with Total Autonomous Driving Package, or subscription, will incorporate the new automatic gear selection function that we already saw in the Model S 2021.

Has confirmed it Elon musk on his Twitter account. “Automatic direction detection will come standard on all vehicles with the Total Autonomous Driving package. In response to a tweet from @WholeMarsCatalog, explaining the flow of information from a reservation at OpenTable even his Tesla, which automatically took him to the restaurant through the FSD beta.

Automatic steering gear selection debuted with the 2021 Tesla Model S featuring a new steering wheel and the total absence of levers. Everything replaced by buttons or gestures on the screen. But the great novelty is that the car is able to understand – in a good number of situations – whether to move forward or backward, without the need for the driver to manually indicate it.

For example, if the vehicle is in a parking lot, and the wall is in front, the normal thing is that the reverse gear is chosen, something that the Tesla could discern quite easily. If there is nothing in front and the route indicates it, the car simply chooses the gear D to move forward.

Automatic gear selection will be available soon on Model 3 and Model Y

Since the Model X 2021 will have the same interior design as the 2021 Model S, we know the feature would be present as well. But now, thanks to Elon Musk’s tweet, it is confirmed that it will also reach the Model 3 Y Model Y.

Automatic gear selection can be canceled at any time by the driver. There is no indication that Tesla will remove the levers from both vehicles. It is also not clear, at the moment, if the possibility of selecting gears on the screen through gestures is something that they also incorporate.

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