Axie Infinity server crashes due to high user demand

Key facts:

The glitches have been affecting Axie Infinity players’ earnings.

Resolving the problem can take days or weeks, the developers say.

The rise in popularity of Axie Infinity among cryptocurrency games has come with a problem: the game’s server, one of the collectibles platforms on the Ethereum blockchain, has been crashing.

In the last few days, users have been reporting slowness and sudden crashes of the game, which has affected your activities within the platform. In particular, his earnings, Axie Infinity’s main attraction.

In this game, users breed, develop and evolve characters called “axies”. With them, they must complete tasks and win battles, according to which they receive rewards in a token of the game, called Small Love Potion (SLP).

In the face of server failures, platform users assure that the server crashes in the middle of battles or in the “adventure” game mode, affecting the development of the players and cutting back your daily earnings. In some cases, a server crash can cause the loss of two hours to access the game again, explained an Axie Infinity player contacted by CriptoNoticias.

This Saturday, July 17, Axie Infinity issued a statement about the failures that its system has been experiencing. Posted on Twitter, the text explains that the situation it is mainly due to the “exponential growth” of the platform.

Things were going well until the last few weeks, but the server started to crash once we passed 500,000 daily active players.

Axie infinity.

The team behind the game also claimed to be working hard to solve the problems they are experiencing. As part of these attempts, they have hired more developers, are looking for scaling solutions for their server, and are developing a support team.

Despite these measures, the statement warns that the problem will not necessarily be solved as soon as users would like. “We are not sure when things will return to normal, it could be days or even weeks,” explains the Axie Infinity team.

Axie Infinity, leader in the world of NFTs

In addition to their SLP token, axies (user-raised characters) function as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum network. These NFTs can also be sold on the Axie Infinity market, for players to improve their equipment and thus their chances of winning.

Although the game has been around since 2018, Axie Infinity has grown in popularity in recent months. The possibility of earning money with its play-to-earn system has made it an alternative to generate income even for entire families, as is the case in the Philippines reported by this newspaper.

Thus, Axie Infinity has risen to the top of the NFT markets. As we recently reviewed, passing the 200 million traded in a month, the game already surpassed other platforms, but updated data from DappRadar shows that in the last 30 days, the volume of trade within the game has been above 450 million of dollars.

Axie Infinity far outperforms the rest of the NFT markets. Source: DappRadar.

The growth of the game has also been reflected in a significant increase in the price of its two tokens. On the one hand, SLP; on the other, the AXS governance token. Both recently broke their all-time highs in price, although they have corrected in recent days.

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