Batman writer says manga is superior and that Marvel and DC comics are “more of the same”

While it is true that some people do not see the difference between manga and comics, there are clear differences between these types of art, mainly that the first arose in Japan and the second is usually from the United States, although manga can also refer to the style without necessarily having to come from that country. Both entertain readers with novel stories and characters who rise to fame thanks to these publications, and while it is not something that is debated on a daily basis, there are those who find one better than the other for various reasons.

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Thanks to the comics we have an infinity of adventures starring superheroes and supervillains that from time to time jump to the screen, both in film and television, with productions that can be animated or live-action. The same thing happens with manga; the way in which fans follow their stories has also led them to be adapted and the rhythm and fanaticism with which certain titles are followed by the audience seems to be on the same level as that of some production based on a comic. If at the television or film level we start looking for examples, we have Loki – 96% and Black Widow –

87% as the most recent on the comics side since Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train – 100%, both the anime and the movie, which has been an unprecedented box office success despite the pandemic.

If we want to know which is the best of the two, the opinion of an expert on the subject is always useful and who better than the writer Chuck dixon. This author is a well-known name in the world of comics for his work on the Batman titles in the 1990s. He also wrote some Punisher issues, but his most important contribution had to do with the Dark Knight and he wrote Detective Comics stories for at least 7 years, and major titles like Knightfall. In addition, he was one of the co-creators of Bane, the villain of Batman.

In Dixon’s opinion, the manga is superior to the comic and he explained it on his YouTube channel where he answers questions to his fans (via Bounding Into Comics). There, a user interested in knowing what the author thinks did not ask him which one he considers to be better, but instead told him if he has any theories or thoughts about why manga is “cleaning the floor” with American comics.

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From the way the question was asked, it is easy to understand that the user could even be referring to the sales of the comics, which are not as high as in previous years and due to the pandemic, several series have been canceled. The author did not hesitate to assure that manga is better for him and emphasizes that it is mainly because of the passion that exists in the people who are behind the realization of their stories. This was what he said:

Actually, it is not too difficult to understand. There is a lot of dedication, passion and skill in manga comics. And that is missing, almost completely, in the Big Two.

The “big two” are Marvel and DC, obviously. The two companies have dominated the market for decades, and while other publishers, and even the older lines of both have put out titles that have become beloved by the public, nothing compares to the popularity their characters enjoy. Chuck Dixon went on to say that the comics from both companies are more of the same, while the manga bets on more variety as one of the reasons it’s better.

Marvel and DC still run the stores here. They are still the market leaders. And sadly, there is no variety there. There is nothing really different. There is not something for everyone like in the manga.

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