Blade reboot now has a director

It’s time for the blood to flow at Marvel! Two years after announcing that they had a Blade reboot among their plans, the studio led by Kevin Feige has confirmed that Bassam Tariq will be in charge of directing actor Mahershala Ali as the vampire who has fascinated in the comics, and also in cinema. This will be the first time that we will see the character interact in real action with the rest of the firm’s characters.

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According to Deadline, the relentless search for a director to Blade Marvel Studios has reached its conclusion. The filmmaker tasked with bringing the vampire to life will be Bassam Tariq, a freelance filmmaker with just a few titles in his career, but that’s exactly something the studio has started to do: seek out the talent of independent directors and give them the entire budget of an action blockbuster.

As announced in 2019, Blade It will be a reboot starring Mahershala Ali. Until now there were many details about the project in addition to the fact that the right team of director and scriptwriter was being sought. The report indicates that after searching since last summer, Feige has finally settled on Tariq. The project is still in the earliest stages of development and no further details are available so far.

Tariq’s latest film is Mogul Mowgli, a drama starring Riz Ahmed in which he plays a Pakistani rapper who is in the middle of a major world tour when an illness threatens to finally achieve his great leap to fame. The film did not get a large-scale release, but it did achieve a good reception with critics who saw it last year.

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Blade, as you surely remember, is a hybrid between human and vampire. Your duty is to protect humanity from blood-drinking creatures. This will surely imply certain concessions on the part of the study that tries to avoid very explicit representation of violence. In the continuity of the mega franchise there has been no mention of vampires until a few weeks ago in an episode of Loki – 96% in which it was revealed that they are creatures as ferocious as the Kree aliens and that the AVT has faced in the past.

The character had a trilogy of action films starring Wesley Snipes and the second of which was directed by Guillermo del Toro. The character is a fan favorite and no one really expected him to be added to the saga’s universe when it was revealed that this would be the case at Comic Con 2019. Outside of Ali, no more has been said about the cast of this new version of the character.

Since it is still in the earliest stages of development, there is no release date for Blade yet. The project didn’t even appear among those announced on Disney’s most recent Investor Day, implying there would be no reason to expect it before 2024 or the end of 2023. For now, the closest MCU movie to premiere at Shang -Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsi and you can see the Snipes trilogy on Prime Video, as they currently have it in their catalog.

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