Celebrities who competed in the Olympics

We remember Olympians who changed the podium for the red carpet with greater or less success.

Jason statham He started out competing in diving, but achieved his greatest sporting glory when he came in 12th position in springboard jumping at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Estella warren, the actress of “Planet of the Apes” and “High Speed”, participated as representative of Canada in Atlanta 96 in the synchronized swimming discipline.

Cailtyn jenner Four decades ago he was the great American athlete who achieved the gold medal in the decathlon of the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Shaquille O’Neal he claimed Olympic gold in the 1996 final in Atlanta, which pitted the United States against Yugoslavia.

Albert II of Monaco he has as a hobby the practice of bobsleigh. It participated in five occasions in the Olympic Winter Games, in all of them with little success.

The princess charlene shares with Alberto the love for sports. The first meeting between the two was in a sports competition in Monaco, where the South African swimmer won a gold medal awarded by her future husband. Charlene also represented her country in an Olympics. She did it in 2000, in Sydney, where she finished fifth in the relay mode.

Bonus Track Geena Davis. Sydney 2000 The reality is that Geena Davis never made it to the Sydney Olympics, as she was 24th out of 28 in the semifinals to make up the US Olympic team.

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