Chivas wants to be closer to its fans


Chivas returned to train with his fans, outside the city of Guadalajara. The area of ​​social responsibility of Chivas organized training at the Cazcanes Stadium in the city of Ameca in the week prior to the start of the Apertura 2021. Ricardo Peláez, Sports Director of the club, spoke about resuming this approach of the team with the fans.

It is an activity that we are going to resume, within the social responsibility of Chivas. We will be visiting with certain frequency as long as the protocols allow it, to hold these events in the cities of the state to promote the closeness of the most important of the team that is the fans with the players, “he said.

Chivas trained at the Estadio de los Cazcanes in Ameca, definition aspects, While the fans watched attentively to the squad that will play this Apertura 2021. The team of Víctor Manuel Vucetich worked with the absences he has for the Gold Cup and the Olympic Games, in addition to that of José Madueña, who is about to close his transfer to FC Juárez. Ricardo Peláez spoke on the subject of the transaction from Madueña to Bravos:

We are going to wait, until everything is closed, we will release the official information, “he explained.

Finally, the sports president of Chivas announced that this type of training will continue to be carried out in the coming weeks and shared the illusion of starting the Apertura 2021.

For many reasons we take it up again, we hope it will be the first, hopefully many, Chivas must be close to the people and people want to be close to the Chivas. We are going to try to do it and visit many cities in the state. It is part of the plan we have for social responsibility, we are aware of it. We have a great group of people, there is a great atmosphere, we are very excited and we are very enthusiastic “.


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