Chrissy Teigen admits that she fell into depression after the scandal she lived through

Although Chrissy Teigen has always had a great sense of humor, she recently acknowledged that she faced depression.

Chrissy Teigen may appear to be an extremely strong, confident, and cheerful woman; But still, she experienced what it is like to live with depression for a few months due to the stress caused by being labeled an intimidating person.

This all started when Courtnet Stodden, Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Abrahan and Michael Costello pointed out that Chrissy used their social media, especially Twitter, to harass them.

Although Teigen publicly apologized for what he did and told them years ago, he has recently said that he learned a lot about cancellation culture until now that he experienced it firsthand. However, it has not been an easy process, in which her husband John Legend has also supported her.

Chrissy recently admitted that she has had a hard time getting back to her usual life after the scandal that engulfed her. As if that were not enough, some brands with which it had commercial contracts such as Macy’s and Target have broken their employment relationships.

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