Cubans protest in front of the Southern Command headquarters calling for military intervention – Telemundo Miami (51)

On Tuesday night thousands of Cubans demonstrated in front of the Southern Command headquarters in the city of Doral, demanding a military intervention in Cuba from the Joe Biden government.

For several hours they demanded an end to the repression on the island and asked the Biden government for support. Some were also heard saying to let them act if the government was not going to intervene.

After 9 pm the police forces intervened and broke up the protest without any incident of violence.

The protesters promised that they will continue to protest and support the protests under the slogan “If Cuba is on the street, Miami is too.”

Demonstration closes the Palmetto

This Tuesday a group of Cuban Americans from South Florida blocked the Palmetto Highway in southwest Miami-Dade in both directions, near Coral Way, in protest against the Cuban regime and in support of the people who have come out to protest on the island.

After noon on a rainy day, people of all ages, with flags and posters in support of the protests in Cuba and calling for freedom, invaded the Palmetto Highway, which crosses the city from north to south, before the start of an organized act for political exile to demand the “end of the Castro regime”.

Numerous Miami-Dade police patrols were at the scene and waited for protesters to reopen the road on the major South Florida highway. But everything remained calm, without disorder, although the peaceful closure was still in the rain for several hours.

The spokesman for the road police, Joe Sánchez, managed to convince them in a dialogue with the protesters.

Senators respond to request for military intervention

Marco Rubio, a Republican, said he does not think it is feasible with this administration, and spoke of possible scenarios, such as a migration crisis.

While Bob Menéndez, Democratic senator spoke of aid to the population, but said that a military intervention would not occur, strongly opposing it and saying that this had never happened.

Marco Rubio said that he does not believe it is feasible with this administration, and spoke of possible scenarios, such as a migration crisis.

Protests in Miami and Tampa

The Resistance Assembly organized an act for the freedom of Cuba and “the end of the dictatorship” at the Cuban Memorial located in Tamiami Park in Miami, this Tuesday starting at 4:00 pm, summoning hundreds of people.

One of the most striking things about these demonstrations is the presence of Cubans of all generations, but, above all, in what seems to be an awakening of the conscience of the youngest, it was they who made acts of presence in a notable majority.

Residents and truckers demand freedom for Cuba

In the city of Hialeah, residents and road workers also gathered to protest the violence unleashed by the Cuban dictatorship throughout the island. Some acknowledged that they had never protested but that the situation in Cuba is intolerable.

On Monday, the Cuban political exile asked the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to intervene with the legal weapons at his disposal to help the Cuban people who have risen to demand their “right to freedom.”

The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, a platform of organizations from inside and outside the island, reiterated at a press conference in Miami its support for the protests that broke out in Cuba on Sunday and stressed that, although its trigger may have been the great impact of COVID-19 in a country where everything is lacking, the protesters shouted “freedom” and “down with the dictatorship.”

Despite the lack of Internet, many Cubans managed to maintain the protests and release some images

In a document entitled “Points for the liberation of Cuba”, the Assembly indicates that “the end of the regime is not negotiable” and calls for an “international intervention led by the United States to avoid a bloodbath.”

The role that exile assigns to the United States in the “historic” moment that began with the “national rebellion,” as defined by Orlando Gutiérrez, leader of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, is main, as the request made to Biden shows.

The call for this Tuesday is for all those who want to support the protests in Cuba and the call to the international community to support the Cuban people in their demands. The call is especially to the Cubans in South Florida and other communities such as Venezuela and Nicaragua, also affected by the actions of the Cuban dictatorship.

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