David Beckham is fascinated when he comes across a movie legend

The soccer star could not hide his happiness when he met by chance with a well-known British actor during a motorcycle outing.

Even if David beckham be one of the most recognized sports stars in the world, he showed us that you can still be stunned when you run into another celebrity. Check out their unmissable reaction!

Last Wednesday, Beckham was eating out alone in a London restaurant, when he noticed that a very famous face he had just arrived for dinner at the same place.

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Without hesitation, the 46-year-old former footballer stopped his retirement and approached the car window, to greet affectionately to one of the greatest icons of British cinema.

The emotion of David was palpable and it even caused us tenderness how he couldn’t get the big smile off his face during the unexpected encounter.

With a youthful look and adjusted to the body, which showed his good physical condition, the current owner of Inter Miami said goodbye after chatting for a while. He surely took the opportunity to express your admiration and congratulate the actor for its years of experience.

Moments later, we finally found out who it was when we saw nothing more and nothing less than leave the vehicle. Sir Michael Caine!

The 88-year-old actor apparently had planned an intimate dinner with his wife Shakira Caine, who was with him in the car. However, with a 6-decade career in film, it is impossible to escape the fans, especially if it is David Beckham.

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David put on his helmet and, after taking a few moments to compose himself, he got on his custom motorcycle satisfied to continue your walk.

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