De Paul hurries and will be back early


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Few players have a more ‘Cholo’ profile than Rodrigo de Paul. His dedication, his claw and the way he leaves everything on the court are very similar to the one who will be his new coach. And, without a doubt, You will earn it with details such as wanting to be at your orders as soon as possible. Because the vacations of the former Udinese should last until the beginning of August, but his desire to prove himself as an athletic player can do more.

The Argentine midfielder, who just won the Copa América with Messi at the Maracana, has three weeks off to enjoy the summer, but his wish would be to start working on July 25. According to the newspaper ‘AS’, De Paul’s will is to be able to have three weeks of preseason with his new equipment to adapt to the movements, the tactics and everything that Simeone asks of him.

The desire of the club, according to the aforementioned media, is for Rodrigo to be an immediate part of the team’s dynamics, making his debut on the first day of LaLiga against Celta. In addition, Cholo will also have the opportunity to see in which position the versatile player serves him the most., who can act in any position in the midfield or, if required, return to his former position as playmaker.

For now, Simeone has not been able to do jobs with all its troops due to the national team competitions that endedBut adding De Paul will be of great help in planning plans for the coming season, adding one more component to their dream of repeating the league feat of the previous season.

The Argentine midfielder enters with the right foot, thus showing his commitment and mattress ‘DNA’ without yet touching the ball on the grass, seeking to be important from the preparation of the year.

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