Disney faces multi-million dollar lawsuit that could have many ramifications for Hollywood – .

The coronavirus pandemic brought undesirable situations for everyone, including the powerful Hollywood studios. Through Cinemablend it is reported that The Walt Disney Company is involved in a lawsuit that drags several million dollars, all due to the insurance payments that arose during the health crisis and that could result in multiple scenarios for the film industry in United States. Just like when in Loki – 96% opened the multiverse and several timelines were born, this legal problem with Disney would lead to new scenarios for the entire business. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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Cinemablend points out that some agree that insurance companies should be held responsible for set closures that occurred when studios had already received authorization to return to business; The Walt Disney Company thinks of it this way, but the insurers it is dealing with do not. It is important to mention that Hollywood studios deal with insurance companies in case of accidents during filming. In this specific case, the Firefighters Fund appears, a Disney insurer, which only wants to pay what corresponds to the first wave of Covid in the United States, but refuses to pay for the second.

The second wave of Covid-19 in the United States brought a rather irregular scenario in terms of Hollywood sets. In some cases, the productions were forced to be postponed due to a peak of infected staff, or a member of the team placed in quarantine even though their diagnosis of the disease was not entirely accurate. In those days there were not a few teams that returned to work with very strict protocols and few staff. The situation has Disney and its insurers fighting over what goes into the policy, with at least $ 10 million at stake (although the amount has not been fully clarified).

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In the following days the authorities’ ruling will be announced and this will be very important when judging future similar cases that involve more studies and policyholders, which will give way to the multiple scenarios that we mentioned at the beginning. Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought completely new experiences for different industries, most of them unpleasant. Let us remember that the health crisis has not ended and that a new and brutal wave is already being predicted for the northern country, with some media reporting that it would arise as a result of those who refuse to take the vaccine.

What would Hollywood have become in the pandemic without streaming services? The most powerful studios in the American film industry are still in a battle for consumer preference, yet both use very different strategies to get the public’s attention.

2020 was a very crazy year for the world’s cinema and television, especially for the United States, a country that has one of the largest and richest industries on the planet. His films and series are seen in many territories, generating countless comments and trends on social networks, as well as incredible profits for the studios in charge of translating the ideas in front of the camera. Of course, in March of last year, nobody expected a pandemic, so The Walt Disney Company and others managed as best they could, making decisions on the fly and releasing their film in the way that seemed most convenient.

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