Dominican promoter Shuan Boxing will donate 700 tickets to those who attend to get vaccinated

Shuan Boxing, the Caribbean promoter is not only encouraging sports but also that the Dominican Republic society is vaccinated against COVID-19 and for that they will donate 700 tickets for their event on July 21 that will be held at the Juan Pablo Olympic Center Duarte.

The president and promoter of Shuan Boxing, Belgium Peña declared that the company will deliver these tickets as an incentive to people who attend the Fencing Pavilion of the Olympic Center to get vaccinated against covid-19.

This event is of great importance for the history of Dominican boxing since two world titles of the World Boxing Association will be at stake, the first will be Erick ‘Mini Pacman’ Rosa who holds the light fly title against Ricardo Astuvilca and the second will be the defense Alberto ‘La Avispa’ Puello’s super lightweight title will face Jesús Antonio Rubio.

Sports Minister Francisco Camacho supported the evening this weekend and thanked his colleague, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, for collaborating with the necessary biosafety protocols during the pandemic situation.

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