Don Cheadle still doesn’t know anything about the history of Armor Wars

Image of Justin Hammer and Jim Rhodes / War Machine in Iron Man 2 (2010)

In these days ago, the actor Don cheadle has advanced that right now work is being done on the history of the series “Amor Wars”. The little that the person in charge of giving life to James ‘Jim’ Rhodes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has said since “Iron Man 2” is that thanks to this series we will get to know the character better than we have been able to do before. The question of why the actor makes so little progress on the television series that will arrive on Disney + is reduced to that he does not know much more.

It is seen that when the actor assured that he was still gutting what the story will be, he was not lying. During the promotion of “Space Jam: A New Legacy” you have been asked about the Marvel Studios series. He has repeated that right now what he has to do is write the series, and wait to see how they shape the project.

All I know is that we’re going to walk into the room in a couple of weeks and start trying to break the backbone of the story and figure out who, what, when and where for all of it. It’s very early in the development stages, so I couldn’t screw it up even if I wanted to. I dont know what happens.

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To all this, from the Cinema Reviewed medium they affirm that Cheadle will also act as executive producer of the series, pointing to his active involvement in the Marvel series.

A few days ago, the actor confirmed that the current plan is to start filming the series throughout 2022, allowing a premiere in late 2022, or more likely, throughout 2023. This series will see how James Rhodes, more Known for being a War Machine, facing a series of enemies who have taken over Tony Stark’s technology.

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