Erik Rubín’s reaction to seeing his daughter Mia in a bikini

Last year, Erik He had assured the media that he is not a jealous dad; She even said that it will be normal to see her with a boyfriend, which will not bother her.

“For me she is my little one, she will always be, but I know that changes are coming and that precisely after a while we will see her with the boyfriend. But the truth is that I am not jealous, what I want is to see her happy and fulfilled , commented Rubin.

This year the singer reiterated that he is not jealous and that it does not bother him that his daughters receive compliments. “Right now everyone on the networks calls me father-in-law and that, instead of bothering me, I am happy; and nothing! Well, that they pimp my daughters is something nice,” he said in an interview for the Hoy program.

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