Eternals goes further in superhero movies

Eternals (2021) teaser trailer screenshot

At the end of this 2021 it will arrive “Eternals”, one of Marvel Studios’ new bets for Phase 4 of its cinematic universe. This film will introduce us to a new breed of super-powerful characters but seen through the eyes of director Chloé Zhao, who has won the Oscar for Best Picture for “Nomadland.” This means that, as we saw in the trailer, we are facing a movie that promises to be very different from what Marvel Studios has offered us so far.

This is the speech that is defended in the few statements that are arriving at the moment, the actor being the last to speak Richard Madden, who plays Ikaris. This character is an alien superhero with the abilities of flight, super strength, heat vision and teleportation and will have a co-starring role alongside Sersi, who is played by Gmema Chan. The relationship between the two characters is described as “a love story throughout history.”

On the film itself, Madden assures that the premise of it, the fact that they are a set of ancient beings who have seen, done and experienced everything has elevated the film “beyond any superhero movie.”

It’s about: Okay, How do you interact with the world now, when you have done it all? How are these people? What do they value and what does it matter to them? What does not affect them?

For the actor, the world has already seen the classic interpretation of superheroes and believes that it is time to do something “more interesting” and hopes that “we have done that with ‘Eternals'”. He also gives an example of the Amazon Prime series “The Boys” as an example of something innovative in this cinematographic section.

The Marvel universe keeps changing and rising and growing and I really think we’ve done something that hasn’t been done before.

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