EXATLON 5 USA: Who was eliminated on July 18?

Telemundo Dave Sappelt with his safe conduct medal.

The “grace period” in Exatlon United States is over. After two weeks without the notorious Sundays of “struggle for permanence”, in which a participant is defeated and withdraws from the competition, on Sunday July 18 there was a day of heart attack where the dream culminated for an athlete, already facing the grand finale of a long, difficult season, full of unexpected situations in the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”, which gets more and more exciting as the days go by.

The day of July 18 at Exatlon United States

The simple fact of returning to Sundays fighting for permanence in such a crucial stage for Exatlon United States to a little more than a month to meet the winners of the competition. On Sunday July 18, the competition host, Frederik Oldenburg, welcomed and informed the athletes the details of what the audience would see on screen the night of July 18.

Week 25 closed with an elimination Sunday at the Olympic swimming pool circuit with the women of the Contestants team, and the Knights of the Famous in Peril. For the blues, the reinforcement Génesis Romero is with the lowest percentage, and on the side of the reds is Dennis Hernández.

Wilmarie Negrón was interviewed by Frederik Oldenburg, before starting the circuit, making her face that July 18 could be her first elimination duel and the girl assured that she felt prepared for everything. Dennis, for his part, told Frederik that he feels “ready to fight.”

Elimination Sunday started with a point for the Contestants. The second race of the night was a strong one with two of the strongest women of this fifth season, Norma Palafox for the Famosos and Ana Parra for the Contenders, with a point for Norma, which put the score 1 to 1. Everyone goes to fight to the end!

The first round of matchmaking ended in the Contestants’ favor with a blue 5 to 1 on the scoreboard. The Famous realized they had a lot of work to do in this fight for permanence.

The second round began with one of the closest battles in the history of the competition. Jeyvier Cintrón against Octavio “Tavo” González, with a point for the Puerto Rican boxer of the Reds, which slightly shortens the gap on the board. As the journey for permanence progressed, both the Celebrities and the Contestants struggled to close the scoring gap, so emotions were running high throughout the day.

Andoni García was the one who gave the contenders the triumph point, thus freeing the blue women from going to elimination and sending Dennis Hernández directly, along with Dave Sappelt, a veteran in elimination duels, according to the leader’s decision of the group, Norma Palafox. After this pair of warriors faced each other for permanence, Dave Sappelt was the winner and the dream culminates for the last reinforcement of the red team, Dennis Hernández.

Thanks for everything, warrior

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