FIA, F-1 and Mercedes condemn racist attacks on Hamilton at Silverstone

Formula 1 condemns the racist attacks that they claim suffered Lewis hamilton after their collision on the first lap of the British GP in Silverstone with
Max verstappen. The accident this Sunday between the English and the Dutch polarized the audience and caused all kinds of reactions in this regard. Some of them were constructive and respectful criticism, but others resorted to insult and many of them resulted in racist comments.

Mercedes has detected this hatred in the networks towards Hamilton and has decided to take action, with the issuance of a statement together with the FIA ​​and F1 to denounce this type of behavior. The Great Circus emphasizes that this type of comments have no place in the new philosophy of sport and that they go against its efforts in recent years for diversity. Thus, they ask all fans who made racist comments to reconsider their words.

This is a joint statement from Formula 1, the FIA ​​and the Formula 1 Mercedes team:

“During yesterday’s British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was the subject of multiple examples of racist abuse on social media following a race collision. F1, the FIA ​​and the Formula 1 Mercedes team condemn this behavior. These people have no place in our sport and we urge those responsible to take responsibility for their actions. Formula 1, the FIA, the drivers and the teams work to build a more diverse and inclusive sport and these examples of unacceptable online abuse must be highlighted and eliminated, ”the note reads.

From Red Bull they have also wanted to defend their rival. “Although we are great rivals on the track, we are all united against racism. We are upset and saddened by the racist abuse that Hamilton had to endure yesterday on social networks after the collision with Verstappen, ”say those from Milton Keynes.

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