Francisca Lachapel sings to her son: What motivated her?

. Francisca Lachapel sings to her son in a video that compiles the most important moments of her pregnancy.

Francisca Lachapel is living one of the happiest stages of her life after the birth of her first-born Gennaro, the result of her marriage to the Italian businessman Francesco Zampogna.

A few days after the birth of her son, Lachapel surprised her thousands of followers on the Instagram platform by once again showing her singing skills in an amazing video that compiles the most momentous moments of her pregnancy stage.

The talented Dominican star covered the musical theme “Nine months” by the Mexican group Camila to immortalize each of the experiences she lived throughout her first pregnancy.

“During my pregnancy I fell in love with this song. It is from Mario Domm de Camila. I think it perfectly describes how the process was for me, “said Francisca Lachapel in the text of the publication that had more than 447 thousand views on Instagram.

Lachapel also admitted that she had the collaboration of the producer Tania Orduña to make her dream of performing one of her favorite musical themes come true during her pregnancy stage: “Thanks to a very crazy friend that I have named Tania Orduña we were able to get the original music of the song. Mario was very cute and allowed us to. And she, the crazy friend I’m telling you, set up a recording studio in her house and I was able to put my voice on her ”.

Personalities such as Olga Tañón, Carolina Sandoval, Gelena Solano and Aleyda Ortiz reacted to Francisca Lachapel’s publication: “My queen, the miracle of life. The best thing that can happen to all of us. Francisca, simply beautiful performance ”,“ Many blessings, a very beautiful video ”,“ Wow, how emotional everything and you. Wow, God bless you more every day ”,“ What a beauty. My God, shower of pure blessings ”.

When was Francisca Lachapel’s son born?


“I am the happiest woman”: Francisca Lachapel gives details of the birth of her baby Just hours after becoming a mother, Francisca spoke by phone with her family from Despierta América to give exclusively all the details of Gennaro’s birth. The proud uncles wanted to know everything, and Francisca could not contain the emotion when describing that first meeting with her baby, fruit of the love of her… 2021-07-08T14: 57: 03Z

Francisca Lachapel and her husband, Francesco Zampogna, welcomed little Gennaro Antonio Gamelier Zampogna last Wednesday, July 7, at a renowned hospital in the city of Miami.

In a recent broadcast of “Despierta América”, the Dominican interpreter announced that her son was born through natural childbirth and weighed 8.4 pounds

“I am the happiest woman on earth. I did not think that your heart can be filled with love so quickly, it is something that cannot be described in words. Very excited, very grateful, I feel very blessed, “Lachapel said on the Univision television show when referring to how happy she feels for the birth of her first-born.

How long have they been married to Francisca Lachapel and Francesco Zampogna?

Francisca Lachapel and Francesco Zampogna formalized their marriage in December 2019. At that time, the happy couple was accompanied by their relatives in a very intimate ceremony that was held in the city of Naples, Florida.

After celebrating their wedding in Naples, Lachapel and Zampogna had planned to have their family and friends attend a ceremony in Italy, but their plans were postponed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gennaro Antonio Gamelier is the first child in common of the couple who have been together since May 2018.

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