Gigi Hadid took her baby for a walk with her friend Antoni Porowski

Model Gigi Hadid walked with her baby through the streets of New York. Both were accompanied by their best friend Antoni Porowski.

The supermodel Gigi hadid walked with her 10 month old baby Khai. The young woman enjoyed the heat of New York accompanied by her friend Antoni porowski.

Khai, the daughter of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, is one step away from its first year. And although we still do not know the face of the baby, it is already completely famous.

Her parents, the former One Direction and Bella Hadid’s model sister, have decided to keep their baby private.

Thus, on each walk the baby remains in her stroller, out of sight of the paparazzi.

Recently, Gigi has completely changed her professional career. After debuting in the world of series, he has discovered another of his passions: pastry.

Thus, the model has ventured into the world of sweets and has embarked with the great pastry chef Buddy Valastro.

In the show, which airs on Discovery H&H, the young woman will take on the role of assistant to the pastry chef.

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Thus, you will be part of the Cake Boss program, where you will learn and reproduce some cake decorating techniques.

In addition, the model ventured into acting and was part of the second season of the series ‘Yo never’ (‘Never have I ever’), the fiction of Netflix.

Although without going out in front of the camera, he has lent his voice to reflect the thoughts of one of the characters, Paxton, the romantic heartthrob he plays Darren Barnnet.

However, Gigi has reached certain minor roles before, although they are almost always playing herself.

This is the case of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, fiction starring her mother, Yolanda Hadid.

We have also seen her in short projects, like shorts and music videos. For example, in ‘Bad blood’ by Taylor Swift, ‘How deep is your love’ by Calvin Harris or ‘Pillowtalk’ by his partner, Zayn.

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