Google redesigns emojis such as the cake, the bikini or the car to make them more universal and striking

The new emojis will be available in the fall and can be used between different company platforms.

The changes are aimed at making emojis more so that they are universal, accessible and authentic

Google has redesigned some of its emoji, like bikini, face mask or scissors, to make them more attractive and usable for a greater number of users, a change that will come with Android 12 in fall.

The tech company has announced changes to hundreds of your emoji, to make them “more universal, accessible and authentic”, and has advanced that they can be used between different platforms of the company.

Creative and Emoji Director Jennifer Daniel notes in a Google post that emoji “have a global audience and that it is important that they are globally relevant“For this reason, they have modified the design of some of them, such as the pie, which is no longer a portion of the pumpkin pie, but a whole pie, which can represent more filling options.

Have also changed the bikini emoji, to make it more universal and not appear to be wearing an “invisible ghost“; and the one with the face with the mask on, which now opens its eyes to represent both how” revealing “the last year with the pandemic has been and the fact that wearing a mask has become a” universal way of showing kindness to others. ”

Transportation options, such as the truck, the private vehicle or the taxi, have also been redesigned slightly exaggerating the size so that they are easier to see. And the scissors, with more rounded lines, now show an edge. Also some foods, such as cooked rice, croissant, battered shrimp or bacon appear “a little more cooked”.

The new emoji will arrive in autumn with Android 12, although the directive has informed that this month emojis will be able to be sent and received between different Google platforms (Android, ChromeOS, Gmail, Chat, YouTube).

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