Hamilton complained in 2018 about what he did at Silverstone!

‘Everything you say can come back against you’, they say. And in Formula 1, it is something that happens very often. Drivers always defend their interests and those of their team, although they always do so by measuring their words a lot. But in a sport in which the protagonists make so many statements before, during and after the Grand Prix, it is impossible to remember everything. That’s what must have happened to Lewis Hamilton at the end of the British GP, when he defended his position in the accident he starred in before Verstappen, also ensuring that the fact that Max had ended up in the hospital did not detract from his victory. I did not remember that years ago, in the 2018 French GP, precisely he complained forcefully about the same thing that Hamilton himself did in Silverstone, which was to benefit from an accident that he himself caused.

The portal ‘’ was the one who, pulling the newspaper library, found the words of Lewis Hamilton of that Grand Prix of France. There, Hamilton came out in the first position and had no opposition. From behind, Bottas (2nd on the grid) and Vettel (3rd), came out with better tires and could complicate things. But on the first lap, Sebastian over-braked, got on Bottas, and everything changed. Valtteri had a lot of damage to repair in the pits, while Vettel only damaged the wing. This allowed the two to repair their car in the pits and get back into the race, but Valtteri lost more time, and thus, the German would be 5th while the Nordic would finish 7th. All of it, after Vettel was sanctioned with 5 seconds, something that did not prevent him from finishing ahead of Bottas.

After the race, Mercedes were outraged. “I do not understand the penalty. It is too little. They could have punished him with something else. He destroyed his career and that of Bottas ”, said Niki Lauda.

But Hamilton was even angrier: “Someone wrecks your career and you just give them a pat. I shouldn’t be able to go back and finish ahead “, He said. Wow, precisely what happened 3 years later, at the Formula 1 British GP.

Hamilton was considered “Predominantly guilty” in his accident with Verstappen, but while Max had to leave, he benefited from the red flag that Lewis himself created with that incident to be able to repair his car and go out to the race. They gave him a 10-second penalty, but with a superior car, he beat Leclerc and won. Isn’t that what Hamilton defined as a “pat” in 2018?

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