How much do you earn for a medal? The financial prize for getting a medal


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Olympians vie for glory … but they also take money. It is one of the most recurrent questions in each edition of the Games and the answer is: Yes, athletes get money for winning medals.

How much? It depends on the edition. At each Olympic event, money is stipulated for the medalists and the amount may change. To take a reference, in Beijing 2008, London, 2012 and Rio 2016 the athletes € 94,000 for achieving a gold medal, € 48,000 for the silver one and € 30,000 for the bronze one.

To this money must be added obviously, a reward from the federations of each country. Normally, the countries that pay the least are those that have more athletes who achieve medals while for the last games in Rio, federations such as Singapore awarded $ 700,000 for gold from your competitors.

In Spain the premium for the medal is subject to the ADO scholarships. In Rio 2016 they meant an extra 60,000 euros for the athletes who brought home the gold medal.

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