How to buy Christmas Lottery 2020 online?

On December 22, the expected Christmas Lottery 2020, in which 2,408,000,000 euros in prizes will be distributed. And, as in previous years, you have two great options to get a tenth and not miss the opportunity to try your luck: go to a physical establishment or buy online. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, buy Christmas Lottery online It is presented as the best option to avoid crowds and unnecessary waiting.

The Golden Witch Online

The main Lottery Administrations already have tickets available on the Internet. Also, if this 2020 due to the anti-Covid restrictions You cannot go to an Administration in which previous years you used to buy your tickets, you can buy them from home, quickly and easily.

For example, the Golden Witch, one of the most famous Administrations in Spain, allows you to choose your endings or choose a number at random. In just 24-48 hours you will receive the tickets at your address.

La Manolita Online

The La Manolita Lottery Administration, in the heart of Madrid, is the most famous in our country. In recent years it is estimated that it sells close to 70 million tenths, and since its inception it has distributed nothing more and nothing less than 76 Fat Christmas. The steps to follow to buy tickets for the Christmas Lottery is as follows:

Choose the «Giveaway – Christmas». Select “Random different tenths” or “Random equal tenths”. (Due to the proximity of the Draw, only numbers can be chosen at random). Click on the number of tenths. Click on “Confirm order” to finalize the purchase.

State Lotteries and Gambling

On the official website of State Lotteries and Gambling You can also buy Christmas Lottery online. The process is very easy: choose the five figures, for example, 17609, and select the number of tenths you want to purchase (from 1 to 10).

If you prefer chance to decide your luck, click on «automatic figure». Then click on «Next» to finalize the purchase, and voila!

Tips to consider

Before buying Christmas Lottery online there are a series of tips that should be known. There are Administrations that send your tickets to your home, while others give you a purchase receipt that includes the number purchased. Well, in the second case you should know that the validity of the purchase receipt it is exactly the same as the tenth on paper. If you touch a prize, only you as a buyer or an authorized person can collect it.

You should also look at the website url. It should always start with “https” to have the required security.

This 2020 the online option is stronger than ever. If you do not want go to the AdministrationAcquiring your tickets through the Internet is very simple.

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