How to hide the IP of the computer in 3 different ways

The IP of a computer is the way in which that equipment can be traced, its identifier within the digital space and that can be the gateway for unwanted access. If you want to know how hide the computer’s IPRead on and take note of three different ways to do it, all equally effective.

What is the IP address?

The IP is like your identity document on the network, a very valuable piece of information that you must always keep safe from third parties since it can be very harmful for you if someone discovers it. Thanks to your IP you can communicate with other devices on the Internet, and it is a unique number that only you can have and that can always be the same or change every time you connect to the network.

The main reason why it is recommended to hide the IP is for privacy, since in our computers we usually have confidential information, even if it is only the access data to our banking portal, and that way they could empty your account and get much more information. In addition, with your IP they could find your geographical location if you have it enabled on any page or application.

Methods to hide the IP of the computer

Public WiFi

Using a public WiFi is the easiest way to hide your computer’s IP address, as it is one that is probably shared by hundreds or thousands of users every day. Of course, you must bear in mind that connecting to a public network also has its security risks as they are often easily attacked by those seeking to steal digital information.

Proxy servers

Proxies are another resource to hide your IP, since they provide a gateway to your device so that you can connect to content that would otherwise be restricted. They provide complete anonymity and are very accessible, although using proxies can pose a risk since can be run on a computer that is compromised and your information is compromised. The browsing speed is also lower when using a proxy.

Tor browser

This browser guarantees that you will move around the network with your hidden IP since it takes you through encryption mechanisms and relays that keep your identity completely hidden. The Firefox version is specially designed to ensure Tor users of all levels that they will be able to perform all kinds of actions in a hidden way. Of course, browsing will be slower than usual since the use of Tor affects the connection speed.


If you are looking for the most effective and secure way to hide the IP of your computer, without a doubt the use of a VPN is your best option. Increasingly used, VPN providers guarantee online security and allow you to enjoy high speed on your connection.

When choosing a provider, avoid the ones that are free since you can suffer an attack or problem at any given time. With this service you can also change the location of your computer, for example, make it appear that you are in another country.

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