How to install mods in Minecraft in step by step in a simple way

Minecraft is one of the most successful video games of recent years, with millions of players around the world and causing a sensation in both children and adults thanks to its multiple and fun game options. Today we tell you how install mods in Minecraft step by step, it is a very simple process that you will be able to get a lot out of during the game.

Installing mods is a very interesting resource in Minecraft, but it is not possible in all cases, so you have to be clear about all the details to know if you can enjoy them or not. It is important that before taking any action for the installation of mods you make a backup of the game, so that it can happen.

Steps to install mods in Minecraft easily

First of all, it must be made clear that this option not possible when the operating system is Windows 10. Install Minecraft Forge and then search and download a mod, there are many places where you can do it, it is best to search for what interests you on Google or any other search engine. Start the game and, while it starts, you will see in the upper right a button called “Game Directory”. Once in that directory, open the folder “Mods”, and if it does not exist you must create one with that name.
Copy the mod file that you have downloaded and paste it into the “Mods” folder. Close the folder and also the game initiation window and restart it, selecting now “Profile”, where A list of options will be displayed, including Minecraft Forge, which is the one you must select. Once this is done, when you launch the game again, it will start with the mods you have installed. In case you want to delete a mod, you just have to delete it from the “Mods” folder from the directory and will no longer be available when you start the game.

Install mods in Minecraft on the iPhone

If you use iPhone to play Minecraft and you want to put mods on it, the process will be much easier than when it comes to a computer.
Download the MCPE Addons app and open it as soon as it is downloaded. In that application you can search for a mod by categories that already exist or search for a specific one in its search engine.
Download the mod of your choice, you will most likely have to see an ad as it is a free application that earns income from advertising those videos. Install the mods that you have downloaded and, after doing so, you will be able to launch the game from the menu of the MCPE app itself, with the mods already installed. Now you will only have one step to complete, which is to create a world and, in the lower left part of the screen, select “Resource / Behavior Package”. There you will see all the mods that you have downloaded and you must choose the one you want to apply at all times and select “Play” to load it.

Steps to install mods in Minecraft on Android

In the event that you have the game on an Android device, the first thing you should do is enable the download from unknown sources and then go to the Google Play Store and download the BlockLauncher app. Go to the MCPEDL page and use the search engine or the category list to find the mod that interests you the most and download it. Open the BlockLauncher app and go to the “Options” icon, which is at the top. Once there, select “Manage Modpe scripts” and make sure this option is not in Off mode. Press the “+” button at the bottom right and then select “Local storage”> “Download” and you will be able to load the files of the mods that you have previously downloaded. Enter the game to create a new world and you will have it with the mods installed.

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