how to see Jeff Bezos first flight

Already it’s only a few hours until the first Blue Origin sightseeing flight, the company founded by Jeff Bezos that will compete in this emerging market with Virgin Galactic, completely reconfiguring the concept of space tourism that we had until recently. And it is that if until some time ago it was an activity within the exclusive reach of billionaires, thanks to the offer of these two companies, and soon also of SpaceX, it will become available to any billionaire, or at least who has a quarter of a million dollars (plus expenses) for a brief but intense space experience.

During the last months, It seemed that Blue Origin was going to be the first company to carry out a flight of this typeBut to the surprise of many, and some personal disappointment to Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson managed to beat him, with the first Virgin Galactic passenger sightseeing flight just days ago. And he also achieved an extra image, with the announcement that Elon Musk will be one of his first clients,

Now it’s Bezos’s turn, that although he could not be the first self-made-man-to-set-up-a-space-company-to-be-an-astronaut, in a few hours he will be introduced into the guts of the New Shepard, the spacecraft in which the company has been working for years, and which in this case will offer an experience closer to that experienced by “real” astronauts, both at launch, using a powered rocket, as well as in flight and return to dry land, to be carried out in a capsule.

Let us also remember that Blue Origin’s proposal is to reach 20 kilometers higher than Virgin’s, which is based on eighty kilometers, although it is true that the flight a few days ago reached 87. With all these elements, Blue Origin promotes its flight experience as superior to Virgin’s. Of course, it is also true that one of the people who will fly with Bezos has paid 20 million dollars, compared to the 250,000 that the experience that Virgin provides will cost.

Be that as it may, and although the subject of space tourism has already won enough detractors (and I completely understand their point of view), this is something that seems unstoppable (unless some tragedy occurs, something that we hope does not happen), and If you are interested in experiencing the first tourist flight of Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos live, the transmission will begin at 11.30 UTC (13.30 in mainland Spain) and the launch is scheduled for 13.00 UTC (15.00 Spanish time), through its website.

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