How to use Google Gravity in a simple way step by step

Google Gravity is one of the fun experiments of the computer giant, like others such as “Follow Santa Claus” or the famous Doodles, all designed to interact with the users of the search engine so that they are not limited only to looking for information. If you want to know how use Google Gravity, keep reading and we will explain all the steps so you can do it easily.

There is no doubt that Google likes to serve practically everything and offers all kinds of tools, applications and utilities with which to make your day-to-day easier, more entertaining and even fun, as in the case of Gravity.

What is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity is a version of the Google search engine that does not float but is affected by the force of gravity. With this, both the typical search engine sign and any other element of the web automatically fall as soon as you enter that gravity. Once everything is down you can move the bricks that make up the web wherever you want, which is undoubtedly a lot of fun.

Steps to use Google Gravity

The fastest way to use Google Gravity is to go directly to the official page. Once on the web, the Google logo will collapse and all the elements will be at the bottom of the screen. Move the mouse pointer between the different pieces to check that you can move them, you will notice the effect of gravity, something that will undoubtedly be curious and very funny, especially for children. Once inside you can access all Google services except searches, although doing so in these serious conditions can be more complicated than usual, for example if you want to check your email in Gmail.

“I’m going to be lucky” no longer works

It was one of the most used Google curiosities, the “I’m going to be lucky” button, but it is no longer available, at least not for what I did before. No matter what you write in the search bar, and even without writing anything, when you press that button you are redirected to the Google Doodles page, where you can see the doodles that are used to commemorate different special events or ephemeris.

The reason why “you’re not going to be lucky anymore” is because Google was losing millions on advertising, and Marissa Meyer, an executive of the company, announced some time ago that she was not going to remove the button even if it generated losses, but the truth is that it is as if it were not there.

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