Improve gaming performance

Game Mode is still present in Windows 11, the next major update to Microsoft’s popular operating system that, as our regular readers will recall, has higher requirements than Windows 10, and will be available at a general level at the end of this year, specifically from the month of October.

Although the final version of Windows 11 is not yet available, the arrival of said operating system to the Insider channel generated a wave of interesting tests that have allowed us to discover some important details, ranging from its keys in terms of design and interface to its performance compared to Windows 10.

Today we are going to delve into that question, in the performance of Windows 11, and we are going to do it with a comparison in which it has been put to the test the performance of said operating system with Game Mode activated and with said mode deactivated. The video is quite illustrative and leaves no room for doubt, as it also collects the average FPS rate, and during the tests the minimum frame rates can be displayed.

Before entering to see the results, I leave you the full specification list of the test team used by Benchmark:

Windows 11 as the operating system. GeForce RTX 3090 24 GB graphics card. intel Core i7-10700K at stock frequencies. RAM: 32 GB (2 × 16) DDR4 at 3,600MHz CL16. MSI MAG Z490 TOMAHAWK motherboard. Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB. Heatsink: Corsair iCue H150i RGB PRO AIO Kit. Corsair RM850x White 80PLUS Gold 850W.

Game Mode improves Windows 11 performance

And the truth is that it achieves some notable improvement that has left me quite surprised. For example, in Red Dead Redemption 2 we have an average 10 FPS improvement, and there is also a significant increase in the minimum FPS.

In the rest of the games, the performance improvement achieved by the Game Mode is more discreet, since it oscillates between 1 FPS and 6 FPS more than average. However, it must also be taken into account that in Far Cry New Dawn that trend is broken, since in this game activating this mode reduces the average by one frame per second, although it is curious to see that it maintains higher minimums.

There is no doubt that Game Mode is still not the miracle that many expected, but at least we can say that, with the passage of time and with the improvements that Microsoft has introduced, it has gone from being something practically useless to becoming a tool with a certain utility.

I remind you that in this comparison the games have been configured in 1080p and low quality, so the performance improvement of the Game Mode under Windows 11 may vary if we use other resolutions, and other graphic settings. By this I mean that we could experience an even greater improvement, but the opposite could also be the case.

In the tests that I have been doing for years I have been able to confirm that the Game Mode may be a good option to try get that little extra performance that allows us to stabilize 60 FPS or 30 FPS when we move in very close values, such as 56 FPS or 26 FPS, but do not expect any miracle. If a game does not work well for you, activating the Game Mode will not magically make it perform well.


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