iOS 14.7 informs you of the air quality

Apple has just released the definitive version of iOS 14.7, which it is possible to think that it is the last major update until the arrival of iOS 15, which we expect for September, along with the announcement of the already closer iPhone 13. As already We will tell you the day of its announcement, during WWDC 2021, the next revision of the operating system for Apple devices will be loaded with interesting news, which will also be expanded in subsequent revisions.

Thus, iOS 14 enters, practically all over the world, in what we can qualify as a minor update, because despite including several new features, the scope of many of them is limited to certain users. However, There is a reason, one, why we can say that in Spain it is a worthwhile update, which is more than interesting to jump to iOS 14.7 to enjoy it.

I mean something that we could already see in the beta versions of iOS 14.7, and that is the arrival of the air quality indicator to the weather app, for the entire Spanish territory. Also receiving this feature in this update are Canada, South Korea, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. To view this information, you just have to open the Weather app and, with your location open, scroll down until you have passed the 10-day forecast and the summary of the day’s forecast. Under it, you will find the air quality indicator at that time

To offer this information, iOS 14.7 is based on the Air Quality Index, a public indicator (depends on the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge) that takes values ​​in real time from various locations and that he presents it on the web linked at the beginning of this paragraph, in addition to making it available through an API for services that want to integrate this information, in the same way that he does, for example, the AEMET.

In the United States, iOS 14.7 uses another index, the AQI, which has traditionally been used mainly in emergency situations and which is already in some disuse. Regarding air quality levels, the ICA index distinguishes between the following levels, which are assigned a specific color:

Good: blue Reasonably good: green Regular: yellow Unfavorable: red Very unfavorable: maroon Extremely unfavorable: purple No data: dark gray

In this way, with a simple glance at the iOS 14.7 weather app, you can check the air quality, something especially valuable if you suffer from a respiratory problem. This index collects data from suspended particles (PM10), suspended particles (PM2.5), tropospheric ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2), and grants the rating based on the worst of the levels of these agents.

iOS 14.7 informs you of the air quality

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