Jimena Monteoliva portrays the terror of disappearances in ‘Kill the dragon’

“The girls that leave do not come back” is one of the phrases heard in the film released in 2019, and precisely that rage and impotence wanted to be transmitted in the story of Facundo and Elena, two brothers who are separated in a way tragic and that they meet again as adults.

“Disappearances are something that happens all over the world, but in Argentina it has become extremely common, I just wanted to portray it but from fantasy and terror, which is what I do, I understand that each fight from where it can, I have the tools to maybe leave something in people and that is exactly what I was looking for, “he said in an interview Monteoliva.

“The truth is that gender is highly stigmatized, one always wonders how a woman dedicates herself to this, and the truth is that there are thousands of women around the world who are artists, filmmakers and who do wonderful things,” she said. Jimena.

The director added that the jumps and flashbacks that can be seen in the plot are not something casual.

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