Keep these details in mind to get your external battery right

A Extreme battery It is an accessory that we use more and more. They offer the possibility of charging any device when we do not have a plug at hand. This includes from your mobile phone, your tablet or even your computer if it is one of sufficient power. These tips will come in handy when buying one, you will see how sure you are right with your choice.

Choose external battery for mobile


When we choose an external battery we must look among those that offer sufficient capacity. We consider it necessary not to drop below 10,000 mA, since it allows you to recharge your device several times. There are still many very small external batteries on the market that are not capable of completing a charge of our mobile phone. Directly, do not buy this type.


Yes or yes, an external battery usually has a fairly large weight, but the latest generation they are quite compact and they are no longer heavy to transport. It is worth paying a little more for one that has a reduced weight, especially if you are going to carry it continuously in your backpack. It is a factor, never better said, of weight.

Fast charge

The fast charging technology It has also reached the world of external batteries, so that you can charge your mobile phone in no time. To take advantage of this advantage, the charging cable must also be enabled for this technology. Although they are somewhat more expensive than the standard ones, they are worth it.

Solar panels

It is something very common, the surface of the battery itself has a solar panel to be able to recharge it in those moments in which you do not have a plug nearby. Nor should you be deceived, do not think that by having your battery in the sun for two hours you will fully charge it, but you can give it a good push. If you are one of those people who likes to take routes through the countryside or excursions that are out for a long time, your external battery must have a solar panel. Also consider the possibility that if your profile is that, that the battery has built-in LED lights that act as a flashlight. It will save your ballot in some very specific moments.

These are the best tips to buy with guarantee ora good external battery. You will no longer have to shell out a lot of money, because in this world of accessories there is a lot of competition.

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