Kesha wears a black transparent dress

Kesha made a stunning appearance in Los Angeles at the premiere of Nicolas Cage’s latest film.

Kesha knew how to make a triumphant entrance a few days ago at the premiere of “Pig”, the new film project starring Nicolas Cage under the direction of Michael Sarnoski.

The singer wore a bodysuit covered by a sleeveless transparent dress, through which it was possible to appreciate her figure, which caused a stir, especially since it was a pronounced cut bodysuit.

With her hair down, makeup heavy on her eyes with silver tones and her tattoos on her tanned and luminous skin, Kesha attracted the attention of those present at a very flattering moment in her career, because in the courts she has done well in her confrontation against Dr. Luke, the music producer who defamed her years ago.

Kesha is seeking compensation for the damages and legal costs that she invested for 7 years by accusing the producer for physical and psychological damages that he has denied; this time, Dr. Luke will have to prove that Kesha is lying, which seems difficult after Kesha made clear all that she has suffered at the hands of Luke.

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