Loki: main screenwriter would also be out of the second season after publishing a cryptic message – .

We can’t deny it, Marvel Studios has done quite well with its series on Disney Plus, delivering audiences just what they want: shows full of action and excitement. And with Loki – 96% things didn’t turn out bad at all. The series was loaded with excitement, adventure and a surprising cliffhanger, proving that the next journey with the god of deception will be of great impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But there is something that has the fans restless. After the departure of director Kate Herron, now Michael Waldron, the screenwriter, could have announced his farewell.

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Thanks to his first appearance in Thor –

77% a decade ago, Loki floated the hearts of the public. The character became everyone’s favorite antihero and not a few began to ask for a movie for him; But Loki’s strength was not powerful enough to give him his own movie adventure, so the high lords of Marvel Studios made the decision to grant him a series on the Disney Plus platform. Without a doubt, the series was the best alternative and the second season has already been confirmed, however, we will not have the same director and perhaps not the same screenwriter. Michael waldron He posted a very, very suspicious tweet.

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Waldron He did not write a word, he only published the image of Loki seeing his death and reading the words “End of File”, which could well be a play on words for “End of Life”, the end of life. With this, the screenwriter could be announcing that he has resigned or has not been included by Marvel Studios in the second season of Loki. In the comment box, the vast majority are regretting the possibility, however, there are those who are celebrating the prospect, because they think that the script of Loki it was quite loose and even poorly structured at times.

Loki left us with huge questions. What will our protagonist do now that he has been sent to a temporary branch that does not correspond to him? Will he be able to overcome Sylvie’s betrayal? And most importantly, will we see Mobius riding a jet ski? Of course, the consequences brought by Kang’s death will be reflected in movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Thoroughly exciting days await Marvel fans.

Marvel Studios has not announced the name of the new director for the second season of Loki. Kate herron He said goodbye through networks with some emotional words for Deadline: “I will not return. I’m very happy to see him as a fan next season, but I think I’m proud of what we did here and I gave it my all. ” Who will take his place in the new chapters of Loki? Fans are already lining up to witness the next adventure.

2020 was a pretty rough year for superhero movies, we didn’t have really big premieres and fans thought things would never get better. But Marvel Studios has taken 2021 by the horns and is already changing things with the launches of its series for secondary characters. But the company has not forgotten about its films. Black Widow – 87% is already on the billboard and Disney Plus, a tape that should have arrived in May last year but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The earnings have been excellent and it was quickly crowned the most successful film of the entire pandemic. Who can overcome it?

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