‘Los Machetes’, a self-defense group from Pantelhó, Chiapas appear


Some 150 indigenous people from the San José Buenavista Tercero community in the municipality of Pantelhó, Chiapas, are part of the self-defense group called “Los Machetes” to confront criminal drug trafficking groups.

As well as what they said, “they are part of the municipal narco government” that has plagued the population for almost 20 years.

Carrying machetes, AK47 weapons and goat horns, as well as assault rifles, hooded and dressed in a black shirt with the legend “Self-defense of the Machetes People”, the indigenous people paraded in the volleyball court of the San José Buenavista Tercero community.

The presentation was made in the presence of the Commissioner for Dialogue with the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico, Josefina Elizabeth Bravo Rangel.

In front of some three thousand indigenous people from various communities of Pantelhó and Chenalhó, “Los Machetes” read a statement and stated that they had raised their voices “for our suffering and pain that we have suffered as a result of injustice for 20 years and that at no time was there an intervention by governments ”.


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