Major seismic activity in Iceland after Wednesday’s earthquake

In Iceland, seismographs are on alert: higher than usual seismic activity is observed.

Specifically, on Wednesday morning there was an earthquake of magnitude 5, 7. And since then, there have been many aftershocks.

The epicenter of the strong earthquake recorded at 10:05 GMT is near Mount Keilir, a small relief about 400 meters high on the Reykjanes peninsula, about 30 kilometers south of the Nordic capital.

Since then, more than a thousand aftershocks have been recorded.

Einar Bessi Gestsson is a geologist. Confirm the record of several tremors. “Certainly,” he says, “they are less powerful than Wednesday’s earthquake, but there are several! This means that the seismic episode is not over.”

In a health center in the region, doctors have found a correlation between seismic tremors and increased blood pressure.

Kristin Eva Sveinsdottir is director of the research center in charge of the study. “It’s amazing to see that,” he says. “We were measuring the blood pressure of several people at the exact moment of the earthquake. And we saw a noticeable increase in tension. And it took several minutes for people to recover.”

This phenomenon has been studied on several occasions. Scientists believe that it is related to the stress generated by earthquakes in people who experience this phenomenon, but also to an increase in pressure and changes in blood viscosity.

Eyjafjöll in 2010

Iceland is a volcanic island, at the intersection of two tectonic plates. Earthquakes are very frequent. Last year scientists watched with concern one of the island’s large volcanoes, which began to show activity. Finally everything was in a fright.

So far, recent earthquakes have not triggered a volcanic eruption.

The last major volcanic eruption was in 2010. It was the Eyjafjöll volcano. The plume of smoke from the volcano paralyzed much of the air traffic in Europe.

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