“Many rivals do not respect the regulations and are not punished”

Fernando Alonso said at a press conference attended by Zoom Mundo Deportivo that after a few races of experience, he has realized that many of his rivals “do not respect the regulations and have no punishment for it.”

After his aggressive exit in the qualifying sprint of Silverstone, highlighted the Asturian who has understood that certain lines can be crossed without obtaining a penalty. Fernando defends that he would like everyone to respect the rules, but since in general it is not done, he has decided to join this trend.

“I have always been a clean driver and will continue to be for my entire career. Also, I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t have points on the license, to be honest. What I was referring to is that I felt a bit like an idiot, I said it in Austria, by respecting the rules. We try to talk to the race director and to always say or blame the things that other people do without much success or responses and that is strange, so I don’t want to be blaming or crying in each race for something that others do, “he said. .

“The strategy in the first races did not have any solution or did not give us any solution, so we understood that the solution is to do what others are doing. That’s the only thing we can do, you know. Because we try to be fair and say to the referee ‘look, they are playing with their hands in the area’, but if the referees do nothing, we understand that we can also play with our hands in the area, so we do it “, added.

“We wish we didn’t have to do that because apparently some things are allowed in Formula 1 today and we copy them and we don’t feel out of the sport. It is not the dark side, it is playing by the same rules as the rest ”, concluded Fernando on this subject.

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