Mets could give two of their best prospects to acquire Kris Bryant

The team of Mets The New York team made it clear a while ago that his prospects were untouchable, but it seems that his plans have changed and he could include two of his best in a future trade with the Chicago Cubs in the Big leagues (MLB), this for the player Kris Bryant.

Day by day the rumors take hold and now it turns out that the Mets as if they would be interested in offering their prospects a change in Big leagues, being this for a Kris bryant who seems to have his days numbered in the Chicago organization.

In the month of November, Mets made it clear that Francisco Álvarez (prospect # 1 of the organization), Venezuelan receiver and Ronny Mauricio (prospect # 2 of the organization) were totally untouchable, but multiple sources have linked the name of this Dominican and Mark Vientos, third baseman and the eighth-best prospect from Queens, for a possible trade that leads to Kris bryant to this team in the MLB.

Bryant seems to be an important need for the team of Mets, so much so that it would make this team change its mind that it would be letting go of two of its best prospects as they are Ronny Mauricio Y Mark Winds.

Here is the report:

However, we still have to wait, there are 11 days until the deadline for changes and anything can happen, so nothing is written with this case that includes the Mets with his prospects and the star player Kris bryant, who will surely wear another uniform in the Big leagues.

These two prospectuses are “letters” that Mets could offer the Cubs in a possible negotiation for Bryant, taking into account that they are a player with projection and well positioned in an important farm of MLB.

Let’s get to know the numbers of these minor league prospects a bit.

20-year-old Dominican. 230 games played from 2018 to 2021, 242 hits, 17 home runs, 107 RBIs and a .262 average.

21-year-old third baseman. He debuted in 2017 in the Minor Leagues and has 273 games played, 272 hits (almost one hit in each game), average of .267, 43 home runs and 183 RBIs.

In addition, it should be noted that a few days ago the Cubs scouts were taking a look at the prospects of the Mets, surely thinking about that change that has made so much noise in the 2021 season of MLB.

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