Mexican women are expelled from swimming pools in the US for listening to music from ‘their land’

It hurts so much to see inequality and racism”, A Latin woman is heard saying to an officer of the Hendersonville Sheriff’s Office.

The officer was required by the manager of the Flex Fitness Center to get Latinas out of the facility. The group of women was enjoying a moment of relaxation, but … there was annoyance at the time that this group of Latinas, among whom were Mexicans, when playing music in Spanish.

One of the affected women told the officer that they would withdraw from the place, but not before stating, “she had music in English and they don’t say anything, but since our music was in Spanish, she (the person in charge), with a bad attitude, disconnected and he took our horn and that is not equality ”.


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Reported that the annoyance originated because it did not seem to one of the visitors to listen to Mexican music.

I told (the manager), you are not a business woman. You are not smart, because we pay you. She should have come and told us she had to turn off the music, but she didn’t give us an explanation. “

The bad moment they put this group of Latina women through days ago was captured on video and uploaded to social networks; One of these materials was shared by the toxic wife on her TikTok account.

The affected said that had mixed feelings about the manager’s behavior. I have “annoyance, sadness, I never thought I would experience something like this”

While another of the Latinas said that “it was very humiliating what they did to get us out for no reason”.

Meanwhile, one more of the women asked “justice for Mexicans, they have to eat for them.” So they specified that they will take their case to court.


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