Microsoft Teams now turns your iPhone into a Walkie Talkie

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie feature, present for months on Android, is coming to iOS devices. From now on, iPhone and iPad users will be able to use the “push to talk“, just like traditional radio devices.

Microsoft wants workers to carry as few devices as possible. Precisely, the classic Walkie Talkie transceivers tend to be much larger, heavier and more limited equipment than current mobile devices.

The Redmond company explains that Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie feature leave interference problems behind, offering a clear and instant voice through the cloud. Plus, it removes distance restrictions from analog devices.

As a Walkie Talkie it works over WiFi or mobile data. A worker will be able to communicate with another who is on the other side of the planet, with the same naturalness as with a traditional Walkie Talkie, but directly from his mobile device.

How to activate the Walkie Talkie function in Microsoft Teams?

Enter the Microsoft Teams application. Touch the three dots in the lower right corner. Locate the Walkie Talkie application. Touch “Reorder” and drag the Walkie Talkie application to the main menu. Press “Save”.

To start using Walkie Talkie in Microsoft Teams, you must enter the function menu and select a Channel to connect. Once that step is done, simply subtract hold the microphone button to share audio in real time.

The Walkie Talkie feature in Microsoft Teams keeps running in the background And it can be used even with the phone locked with compatible push-to-talk (PTT) button headsets.

As the feature is rolling out gradually on iOS, it may not yet be enabled on some apple terminal devices. It is recommended update the Microsoft Teams application to the latest version to start using push-to-talk services.

Android users, meanwhile, have had this feature for a long time. And, of course, they can be part of the channels with iPhone or iPad users, since Microsoft Teams works independently of the platform.

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