Natalia Téllez reveals that she suffered from depression and eating problems

“It gave me so much sadness and anger, that is, where did this weight loss come from, how can it be that someone over 15 has it so ingrained, it is so immediate, it did not go through any filter and the idea is ‘stay there'”, commented. “If it is a question of identity, what are you going to want to be? Well, what you are seeing everywhere, “he said.

A few years ago, the driver spoke for the first time about the situation she experienced in her adolescence and told how she was able to overcome it. “When I turned 16 I decided not to eat or at least eat as little as possible … The truth is that I wanted to see myself as the girls in the magazines, the more I looked the better,” she said in 2017 in her column for El Heraldo de México.

Natalia Téllez (Instagram)

“Despite having been thin, always, growing up, my body generated hips, legs, I hated it … I preferred to be thin, it seemed elegant and cool, nothing better than size zero jeans that would be watery, although the cost it was to be a zombie that wandered without a drop of energy, “he continued in the text that he titled” My name is not Barbie. “

“Upon entering to study acting I realized that there was a girl who had the same problem as me, she did not eat or ate very little, as the days went by, as the classes intensified along with a lot of physical exercise I started to eat more and more, and I understood that if I wanted to do ‘something’ in this life, whatever it was, I needed strength and, therefore, food ”, he added.

He said that his partner was expelled claiming that she lacked presence. “I went into a bathroom and saw myself directly in the eyes, I reconciled myself with all that I am, I swore that I would never ‘lack presence’, or energy, or laughter or smiles that would make me walk down that difficult path of acceptance it takes so much courage ”.

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