Police violence and reports of injuries and arrests in Cuba after mass protests – Telemundo Miami (51)

MIAMI.- The protests in Cuba mobilized thousands of Cubans throughout the island this Sunday, July 11, in a historic day.

The spark was lit in San Antonio de los Baños and then spread to the other end of the island in Palma Soriano and towns and cities, Holguín, Santiago de Cuba, Regla, Centro Habana, Luyanó, San Miguel del Padrón were added to it. , Santa Clara, Artemisa, Mayabeque, San José de Las Lajas.

The government unleashed repression and clashes with the repressive forces of the regime multiplied. Unconfirmed reports, gunshot wounds and even deaths are reported. An AP journalist was violently beaten and his image with a bloody face went around the world.

Police cars were overturned, and repressive agents were attacked, but during the night elite forces of the repression apparatus detained overnight made hundreds of arrests, causing dozens of mothers to show up at the Zanja police station in Centro Habana, to request information on their arrested children.

Everything took place after the call for violence made by Díaz Canel himself, the ruler of the Cuban dictatorship, who asked the police and paramilitary forces to come out and repress.

The images of shot, bloody women and police fleeing, invaded social networks, until the regime cut the internet, communications and police stalking in the streets intensified.

Díaz Canel called the protesters criminals and accused the United States government of being to blame for the protests.


The Cuban political exile on Monday asked US President Joe Biden to act “decisively” to protect the Cuban people from repression and support their desire for change and urged him not to repeat the “mistake” of President John F. Kennedy to leave them helpless.

In a press conference, with the participation of exile organizations from Nicaragua, Venezuela and Syria, the exiles reiterated their support for the “popular rebellion” unleashed on Sunday in Cuba and the call for a “national strike” on the island to make fall to the regime.

“If Biden does not act, Cuba will soon be filled with Russian and Chinese advisers,” as happened in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Syria, said Orlando Gutiérrez, leader of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance.

At the press conference, Gutiérrez and the rest of the exile leaders said that “the Communist Party and the Castro family have to leave Cuba,” because that is what the people are asking for in the protests that broke out this Sunday on the island with his cries for “freedom” and “down with the dictatorship.”

In the words of the former political prisoner Jorge Luis Pérez, “Antunez”, this translates into “zero negotiation” with the current authorities in Cuba, led by Miguel Díaz-Canel, who this Sunday urged supporters of the regime that emerged in 1959 after the triumph of the revolution commanded by Fidel Castro.

Gutiérrez reiterated the calls made this Sunday by the exile in favor of an international intervention led by the United States to help and protect Cubans.

In the case of the United States, the leader of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, one of the organizations included in the Resistance Assembly, said that the Biden Government can make use of a 1962 law that empowers it to use any means at its disposal to prevent communism from spreading.

You can also invoke the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR).

According to Gutiérrez, everything except as Kennedy did in the early 1960s, when he left Cubans to their fate in the face of communism.

He expressed his support for the protests in Cuba and asked the federal government for actions in favor of the Cuban people.

According to the data available to the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, of which organizations within the island are part, there are “hundreds of detainees and many disappeared,” but even so the outbreaks of protest remain.

The participants in the press conference stated that they will not abandon the Cubans who have “risen up against tyranny.”

Biden expressed his support for the Cuban people on Monday amid the protests that emerged on the Caribbean island, which he described as “a call for freedom” in a “brave” exercise of “fundamental rights.”

He assures that in the US, both Republicans and Democrats support them


Republican congresswoman from Florida María Elvira Salazar indicated on Sunday that, after the so-called “maleconazo” in 1994, no popular protests like those of today had been seen in Cuba, and she believed that this could be “the beginning of the end” of the communist regime. in power since 1959.

In his opinion, Cuba is experiencing a “perfect storm” after 62 years of dictatorship and the worsening of the bad economic situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salazar promised to be the “spokesperson” in the United States Congress for Cubans who ask “to be as free” as Americans or citizens of other democratic countries.

Miami councilor Joe Carollo said that the freedom of Cuba can also mean the freedom of Nicaragua and Venezuela, since the Cuban regime is “the head of the snake” in Latin America.

Florida state senator Ileana García assured that “fear is over” in Cuba and demanded that the Biden Administration not normalize relations with the island’s government or loosen the sanctions against state officials and companies.

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