Punch Powertrain could be the savior of Nissan Barcelona

Since the announcement of the closure of the Nissan in Barcelona options have been weighed. Both the Free Zone factory and the Sant Andreu de la Barca and Montcada i Reixac facilities will be abandoned by the Japanese brand and the intention is that they can have a second life and not lose those jobs. Now it is announced that Punch Powertrain It could be the savior, as the Belgian company is interested in taking over the facilities.

The company specializing in transmissions and electrical systems wants to invest 650 million euros in the facilities and, in this way, maintain more than half of the jobs that were in 2020 (before the pandemic and the notice of closure). Punch Powertrain would also plan to refurbish the complex and invest in its sustainability. The brand’s CEO, Guido Dumarey, believes it is ideal for achieving long-term emissions neutrality.

Not only is it that Nissan’s facilities in Barcelona have a qualified workforce and the potential to be sustainable, but they also have a perfect location for the sector. The presence of others such as SEAT in the area has created a solid supplier base. Do not forget that Punch Powertrain is dedicated to the production of electrified transmissions and systems (both hybrid and electric). In fact, they have an extensive relationship with PSA (now Stellantis) to supply gearboxes.

The plans of the Belgian company to stay with the Nissan facilities in Barcelona would be to have 1,000 workers on the payroll by 2023 and reach double that figure by 2025. They would still be far from the 3,000 employees that Nissan had in 2020, as Punch Powertrain has high levels of automation in its plants and require less manpower. In any case, it is still too early to know if this company will partially save, but its plans seem quite adequate.

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