Sophie DiMartino talks about the situation Sylvie was left in at the end of Loki

Image of Sylvie in Loki 1x06: All the time, always

On Wednesday of last week the first season of “Loki”, leaving us several remarkable moments. Already renewed for a second season, the Disney + Marvel series brought the introduction of Jonathan Majors as The One Who Remains, the man behind the AVT and Sylvie’s number one target. Meanwhile, the chemistry between Loki and Sylvie also reached a fever pitch in the form of an intense battle to take down The One Who Remains, coupled with a kiss with Loki, before sending him back to TVA via TemPad.

Consequently, the character Sylvie Lushton played by Sophia di martino He was one of the great protagonists of that sixth episode. After these great movements by Sylvie, they have asked Di Martino, in charge of bringing the character to life, to take stock of what state Sylvie is in at the end of the episode and share her impressions about what the future holds for her.

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Sylvie reaches her big moment when towards the end of the episode, she ends up stabbing the One Who Remains with a dagger. Asked by how does sylvie feel after achieving the goal that he has been seeking all his life, the actress thinks she feels empty.

He has finally achieved his goal. You have completed your mission. He has killed the person behind the AVT, whom he blamed for taking his life. And I think in those moments after killing him, You expect to feel relief, you expect to feel some kind of release, you expect to feel better, and that does not come. Feels empty and begins to question everything …

The actress has also applauded the interpretation she has made to Jonathan Majors and what she enjoyed that moment.

It was amazing watching him work. And in a way, very little acting was required because it was so entertaining. Jonathan has a lot to say in that episode, and Tom [Hiddleston] and I have to listen a lot, but it was just wonderful to see the show and its eccentric delivery, which is also quite creepy. But like Sylvie, it’s very easy to get irritated with someone like that. So for her, it’s just this growing irritation and hatred towards him.

Loki Variation Poster (2021)Loki Variation Poster (2021)Another highlight of the episode is when Sylvie throws Loki through a portal by which he arrives back at the AVT. Before that, Sylvie takes place the kiss with Loki. Then, he lets go of the phrase “but I’m not you”, and he throws it. This added to the fact that she is reluctant to call Loki, makes one wonder if perhaps there is something more hidden. Is there a deeper meaning behind your rejection of Loki’s nickname?

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I think it is a variant of Loki, but it has been reinvented and for whatever reason it has adopted a new name. People do that for many different reasons. And in Sylvie’s case, I guess it’s because she’s had a really bad time. He has had a difficult life. She has decided to change her hair color, change her name, and try to find a new version of herself that serves her better than the old one, that feels more like her. And that is why she fiercely protects her new identity, because she has created it herself and has earned it.

Looking to the future and what Sylvie’s next move might be, Di Martino believes that there are infinite possibilities, but believes that Sylvie should make a consciousness analysis.

I have no idea. The wonderful thing about how episode 6 ends is that there are endless possibilities. They could go in any direction. Honestly, I’m excited to see what they choose, but whatever happens, Sylvie has to do an examination of conscience and ask herself big questions. And yes, I’m just as excited as everyone else to see what happens.

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