Space Jam: A New Legacy | The absence of Pepe Le Pew continues to generate controversy after the premiere

The Looney Tunes have been one of the greatest animated figures to elevate the comic gags in a significant way, from slapping the evil character to the ridicule of having dangerous weapons and still not being able to capture their victims like the famous Coyote who he always tries to catch the Roadrunner, and despite having all the tools he never succeeds.

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Proof of their impact on so many generations since the 1930s, is that in the middle of 2021 they are still in force. However, in recent months they have been victims of the culture of cancellation from important changes in the characters, to the total disappearance of them, supposedly for inciting violence or harassment. Proof of this was the fact that Sam and Grumpy Elmer lost their firearms, which by the way have already recovered them.

But what generated more controversy among fans of these cartoons was that the eternal lover Pepe Le Pew was eliminated from the new installment of Space Jam: A new era – 64% when the first director had it contemplated. The reason for his disappearance was because Malcolm D. Lee considered it inappropriate to have a character who harassed the kitten Penelope, however, the film would take up other characters who did commit direct and horrendous acts within their respective stories.

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When it was officially announced that the character would not be part of the film and the trailer was released featuring the popular ultraviolent youth from A Clockwork Orange – 89% of the comments about it were immediate. Now that the film starring LeBron James is in its opening week, social media began to flood with comments about other characters that audiences consider worse than the conquering skunk.

It was already known that this film would have an impressive number of cameos from Warner Bros. characters, but in addition to Alex DeLarge and his fellow criminals, others have also arrived that, while popular, are the least suitable for children audiences, whom they used as an argument to eliminate the aforementioned cartoon. Some of these figures were Rick and Morty – 100%, Pennywise and there are even references to The devils, a film about sexual hysteria in a religious context.

Truth be told, the director cannot be blamed directly for the characters that appear in the background and the third plane when there are many more people involved, but having it been his decision to remove Le Pew all the accusations are directed at him. Below, you can see the debate that has been generated on Twitter about it, where the changes in the design of Lola Bunny are also mentioned.

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Lola Bunny was “too sexual” so they changed her design. Pepe Le Pew was “too troublesome” so he was not included. But Space Jam 2 includes Rick and Morty, a man who had sex with a planet, and a boy who had to fight his own giant sperm. Irony is fun!

[…] That Clockwork Orange rapists are in the movie is stupid as shit LMAO and I love that movie but they have no right to be in Space Jam if they are going to eliminate Pepe Le Pew.

I’m so fucking glad that everyone is doing shit to Space Jam 2. Fuck for getting rid of Pepe Le Pew, that was really stupid shit. His stupid signaling of virtues has been denounced along with the movie as shit in general. It makes me so happy.

Anyone Who Has Seen The New Space Jam: Does LeBron End Up Teaching Pepe Le Pew The Importance Of Consent?

Pepe Le Pew did not lose by being excluded from #SpaceJamANewLegacy, he gained more by not appearing in this mess that nobody asked for, #SpaceJam there is only one and it is the one from 1996. Long live Pepe Le Pew.

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