Spain welcomes the cheapest Chinese electric car on the market

Electric mobility in Spain is about to add a new player, with very interesting promises to gain an important place in the electric car market. The Wuling HongGuang Mini will finally be available in Spanish territory under a different name, but with the reputation of being the cheapest vehicle of its kind in China. Will be called Freze Nikrob, will be part of the catalog of the Lithuanian automaker Dartz, and will sell for less than 9,000 euros.

The Dartz Freze Nikrob will arrive in Spain through Invicta Electric, the group that will be in charge of its distribution. The electric car will maintain a good part of the specifications of the Chinese version, although it will not be exactly identical. According to the information available, will be available in a single variant and not in two, as it does in other markets.

In this way, the model aims to repeat in Europe the enormous success achieved in China. There, the Wuling HongGuang Mini has become the best-selling model. This has been given not only because of its small size, but also because of its low price. In the Asian giant this car It is marketed for around 3,500 euros at the current exchange rate, taking into account government aid. In Spain, the Dartz Freze Nikrob won’t be that cheap, but it will cost a fraction of the price of other electric cars.

Could the Dartz Freze Nikrob become one of the best-selling electric cars in Spain?

The Dartz Freze Nikrob is the European version of the Wuling HongGuang Mini and wants to break the electric car market in Spain

In terms of technical specifications, the Dartz Freze Nikrob comes with a 20 kW motor, which is equivalent to about 27 horsepower. The battery is 17 kWh and would allow a range of approximately 200 kilometers. In China they say that these electric cars can travel 230 km on a single charge, but it will be necessary to see if this statement is sustained in Spain.

Considering that the car is less than 3 meters long (2.91, specifically), it becomes a very interesting alternative for use in cities. It requires little space to park and its autonomy will be essential to its success.

Regarding the price, more details are still missing but would be sold for about 8,995 euros. This could easily make it one of the most sought-after electric cars in Spain, although one detail must be taken into account: said price would be after the financing and implementation of the Moves III Plan. How much it would sell for without government aid has yet to be publicly mentioned.

This new player would reach the electric car market in Spain by the end of the year, being delivered to buyers in 2022.

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