Statements by Uruguayan Amilcar Vidal after his victory over American Immanuwel Aleem


“I was not surprised by his strategy of looking to fight closely. It was something we trained. I wanted to hit him up close to show him my power. It was a great fight against a very tough opponent, but I never lost my cool and the effort I made training with my brother paid off ”.

“We felt safe (as a team) and I knew that (Aleem) would feel once I found the distance. Honestly, I felt like a winner, but I didn’t come to discuss those things. “

“I may have lost my way for a couple of rounds, but I regained control of the fight and gave as much as I received. As I told you before in the press conference, I go step by step. We hit a big one winning tonight, and now my promoter will let me know what’s next, we’re happy and comfortable at 160 pounds. Uruguay can rest easy knowing that there is Amilcar Vidal for a while ”.

Photos: Amanda Westcott / Showtime

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