Steam Deck hits resale despite Valve’s efforts

Just a few days ago we saw how Valve announced and pre-ordered its new Steam Deck “console”, a mini-laptop of characteristics quite similar to the Nintendo Switch. Thus, in addition to the surprise itself and the characteristics and capabilities of the device, one of the most talked about things last Friday was the fact that we could only reserve a single console for each Steam account.

Specifically, Valve’s strategy to combat resellers was to limit this purchase access to accounts that have bought something on Steam before June 2021. Unfortunately, while this was able to ensure that many users (like myself) could make their reservation, unfortunately it was limited to reservations made within the first 48 hours of availability.

And is that today Monday, 72 hours after its launch, Valve has had to adjust Steam Deck availability now with a few months delay, going from “insured” deliveries starting in December 2021, to dates reaching the third quarter of 2022. “Our goal is to start sending order invitations in December 2021. We will do our best to convert all reservations on orders, but we cannot guarantee availability«, Assures the company.

However, it seems that it is still possible to get hold of one of these first Steam Deck pre-orders that will be distributed this year, having already appeared dozens of consoles booked on second-hand and resale websites such as eBay, of course, under quite remarkable surcharges that almost double the original price of some of the models.

Unfortunately the presence of a network of scalping or speculators for the Steam Deck is no surprise, adding to the already extensive list of products in the video game market affected in recent years, such as graphics cards, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and S, and which is expected soon to be joined by the new model of Nintendo Switch OLED, which has just opened its pre-purchase orders.

That said, our recommendation is that if you are interested in purchasing a Steam Deck, do not use these portals and resale networks at this time since, in addition to the abusive price, there really is no way to be sure that we are not doing with one of the devices that will be shipped in December, since as Valve announced, all orders will be distributed in strict order with the date of placing the order.

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