The candidate countries to win more gold at the Tokyo Olympics


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The United States is positioned as one of the favorites to win more gold medals in the next Tokyo Olympics. The country leads ‘the medal table’ (from Athens 1896 to Rio 2016) with a total of 2,520 medals, of which, 1,022 are gold, 794 silver and 704 bronze. What’s more, It is not only the one that has obtained the most medals in its entirety (gold, silver and bronze) but also the country with the most gold medals.

Behind, it is followed by countries such as Russia and UK with 395 Y 263 gold medals respectively. Other countries like China (227 gold-) and Germany (219 gold) also stand out, while Japan, which hosts the Games this year, stays a bit further by having 142 gold. Despite the medals won, the American team continues to lead.

Without going any further, in the previous Games (Rio 2016), USA got more gold medals, 46 total, followed by UK, 27, and China, 26, while Japan he only got 12 and Spain 7 (obtained by Rafa Nadal and Marc López -tennis-, Mireia Belmonte -swimming-, Saúl Craviotto and Cristian Toro-canoeing-, Maialen Chourraut -single seater kayak-, Carolina Marín -badminton-, Ruth Beitia -high jump- and Marcus Walz-canoeing-).

Rio 2016 Olympic gold medal table

United States, 46 United Kingdom, 27 China, 26 Russia, 19 Germany, 17 Japan, 12 France, 10 South Korea, 9 Italy, 8 Australia, 8 Netherlands, 8 Hungary, 8 Brazil, 7Spain, 7

In fact, one of the American athletes who has won the most gold medals in the Olympic Games is Michael Phelps. The American swimmer – who will not participate in Tokyo 2020 – has a record of 23 gold medals obtained throughout his career. This data once again places the United States as one of the countries to win the most gold medals in Japan.

In addition, in April 2021, according to analysis by sports data company Gracenote, information also shared by CNN Sport, was also posted to the American team as the one that would get the most gold medals in Tokyo 2020 (43 gold expected), ahead, again, of China (38 gold expected) or Russia (23 gold expected).

The Olympic Games will be played between July 23 and August 8.

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