The Mexican “Jaguar” Mejía is reported ready for his duel against his compatriot Bañuelos

Regardless of age, you can get into the ring, “Jaguar” Mejía to demonstrate his conditions

The goal is to make it clear that age does not matter to get into the ring, as long as you maintain good health, physical and technical abilities. This was stated by the former national welterweight and super welterweight champion, Rodrigo “Jaguar” Mejía, who on July 23 at the López Mateos Arena, in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, will face Ricardo Bañuelos in ten rounds at super welterweight.

The 41-year-old will put the gloves back on after a three-year break. When questioning why the decision to return to the ring, the “Jaguar” indicated:

“It’s for fun,” he said in a confident and forceful way, “and to show that at my age you can compete in any area of ​​society, whether in sports, or in another job,” he said.

The clash between Bañuelos and Mejía corresponds to the stellar one presented in association with Decision Divided and Silva Boxing, so fans will be able to purchase their tickets at a cost of 500 and 250 pesos. Additionally, former world champion Moisés Fuentes also makes his comeback against Iván Meneses at ten rounds at bantamweight.

“I only know about Bañuelos that he is a national super welterweight champion (the title will not be in dispute). The goal is to make a clean and exciting fight for the fans. Bañuelos is taller than me… rather I’m short for the super welterweight division. So I have had to fight before many; it’s not new to me anymore. I feel capable of beating him ”, he added.

The former double national monarch, Rodrigo Mejía, surrounded by the prospects that helped him box, as well as his student Abner Molina

Regardless of the result, Mejía has already made the decision to retire permanently.

“In that same function, one of my students from my gym, the Jaguar Boxing Gym, which is in the San Rafael neighborhood, makes his debut. His name is Abner Molina and he is making his 21-year-old welterweight debut. I will dedicate myself to become a coach; to have the towel in the boxers’ corner ”, he finished.

The “Jaguar” concluded his training with a strong sparring session, where he boxed four rounds with Luis Ocampo, Jonathan Castillo, and Alan Rosas, to complete the twelve roaring rounds of sparring, at the Sport Boxing gym of former national champion Ramón Euroza.

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