The tie was injustice with Castaño and too much prize for Charlo

Once again the cards prevent a victory in a championship fight. This time, they awarded a tie that only favored the great favorite, the homeowner and the one who sought the consecration of unifying all the titles in front of his audience. I mean Jermell Charlo. Brian Castaño spoiled the party for him, he had to leave with his hand up and with all the 154-pound belts under his arm.

The cards said otherwise. The one of Steven Weisfeld gave the victory to the Argentine 114-113, but in a hallucinated appreciation he aimed the tenth round 10-8! in favor of the local. Nelson Vázquez was already terrifying, he gave Charlo the victory 117-111 !. Only three rounds on his card went to the Argentine, finally Tim Cheatham saw it draw 114-114.

Castaño only suffered anxiety in two moments of the fight, in the second and in the tenth episode, in the rest he had control, he led the hit with more volume, with better speed and even with greater precision in his power blows.

He won the tactical battle, assimilated good and bad hits, knew how to break Charlo’s distance and knew how to intelligently manage all his fighting times. Charlo, bet on the backlash and what happened, that the fight would go a long way, knowing that in San Antonio the judges would hardly see him lose.

In the video I tell you how the fight was, I analyze the performance of the two rivals, I analyze the judges’ cards, I tell you how I saw each round, why the result was unfair and I give you a preview of what I think can happen in the rematch of a fight that fulfilled expectations. The audience lived it standing up. That is real boxing, another thing is commerce and nonsense.

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